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HTS Group have developed a suite of tools to facilitate management of Safety Instrumented Systems

Simple. Intuitive. Straightforward.

you own the data:
Data records can be exported so that you are never 'locked-in'.

Cloud Based:
The current software version is always available - no upgrades to manage or pay for.

Document Version Control:
Versions are automatically updated with user login details for originator, checker and approver. No inadvertent working with obsolete records.
Key Features

Safety Instrumented Function Equipment Database: SIFED

A database tool that helps users in their duty of care in the monitoring and management of safety instrumented function (SIF) equipment failure rates, in accordance with the requirement in IEC 61508 for ‘…assessing whether the demand rates and failure rates during operation and maintenance are in accordance with assumptions made during the design of the system.’ (Part 1, Clause 6.2.12 c)

The tool facilitates categorisation of SIF assets and a periodic reviewof actual failure rates. It will flag unanticipated deviations and prompt investigation. It will estimate failure rate growth after the expiry of useful life, prompting a review of options if PFD has grown unacceptably.
Process Safety Time Calculator: PSTCalc

A calculation tool that allows a rigorous evaluation of PST in substantiation of the Safety Requirements Specification and can prevent unwarranted difficulty and expense from the specification of oversized actuators.

Calculates the Process Safety Time on the basis of; trip point, hazard point, performance and specification uncertainties and process speed. Automatic document version control is applied to the calculation records. To learn more, see the white paper: ' Trip Setting Nomination and Process Safety Time'.

Training Manuals

A full concise training manual with be provided with each system covering all operations available.
Easy Integration into Legacy Systems

The ABB AC500 range has the full range of connectivity options to enable fuss-free data transfer between all systems on your site. Specify the equipment you need to connect to on the order form and the system will be configured using the appropriate comms protocol to enable the data exchange.

The System Also Offers:

  • Safety Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • Proof Test Documentation
  • SIL Verification (With 3rd Party Instrument inclusion if required)
  • FMEDA/FMEA Documentation
  • SIL Certificates
  • Register of Equipment
  • Schedule of SIFs
  • Pre-Assessed FS Lifecycle File
  • FSA 3 Assistance after installation
Web based Lite SCADA

The ABB AC500 has a configurable Web server which allows visualisation of your safety system. Each IO point will be monitored in a C&E table and also a custom graphic for each SIF will be available to the operator via a laptop/tablet or any Java enabled mobile device.
Low Development Cost

HTS Group can keep costs low as a result of the repeatability of the engineering. As the system is sold as ‘canned’, HTS use pre-authored software for each scenario (SIF). This allows the S.A.S.P. to be rolled out efficiently and economically.